The perfect antidote to Hollywood blockbusters"

— Avi Offer, nycmovieguru.com


in its depiction of diverse, older female characters"

— Glenn Kenny, nytimes.com

"three fabulous actresses

carry this film to glory"

— Bev Questad, itsjustmovies.com

"in allen's spark & grace there's a real sense of discovery"

— Sheri Linden, hollywoodreporter.com

"allen gives what might be the most complex, layered performance of her career"

— Jose Solis, thefilmstage.com

"allen is in equal parts introspective and efferVescent"

— Alexandra Macaaron, womensvoicesforchange.org

"allen plays anderson with real conviction"

— Judith Pearlman, apollosgirl

"if you liked eat pray love, under the tuscan sun and 45 years, you'll enjoy this film"

— Susan Granger, ssgsyndicate

"SOOTHING, EVEN THErapeutic value"

— Alan Scherstuhl, villagevoice.com

"unusually attentive exploration & introspection"

— Brian Orndorf, blu-ray.com

"touching & uplifting"

— Roger Costa, brazilianpress.com


about finding liberation, contentment and a sense of self though taking risks"

— Nick Shager, thedailybeast.com


about self-discovery and friendship"

— Nina Pacent, bmi.com

"This is truly a special film,

and one that Cape Codders can be proud of"

— Pamela Quirinale, capenews.net